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About Pemba Sherpa

Pemba Sherpa grew up in the Everest region of Nepal, in a picturesque hillside village of stone houses Pembacalled Sewangma. As a child, he lived without the modern-day conveniences of electricity, plumbing, running water or roads.

At 16, Pemba began working in the Himalayan tourism industry, as a professional mountain guide. After several years of full time guiding, he developed a curiosity for the West, which he finally satisfied with a visit to the US in 1991. After seeing the mountains of Colorado, he found in the Rockies the same beauty he had grown up with, and decided to make Colorado his home. And has lived here ever since.

In an effort to reestablish contact with his home country, he started an adventure guiding company, Sherpa Ascent International (SAI). Since 1991, he had returned to Nepal for trekking, climbing and volunteer service trips 28 times, and had the pleasure of guiding over thousands of visitors in his beloved "Himalayan Kingdom." He also had a pleasure to guide in other exotic location such as Tibet, Bhutan India and East Africa. He continues want to share his personal knowledge with others. If you looking for an adventure in these locations fill free to contact him at