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Pemba, director and founder of Sherpa Ascent International, grew up in the Khumbu District in the shadow of Mount Everest. Pemba has been a professional mountain guide in Nepal since 1986. He has lived in the United States since 1991. Since he has moved to the US he has led and organized many Colorado Mountain Club and Himalayan Explorers Club trips to Nepal, including Ama Dablam and most of the trekking peaks in Nepal
. Pemba spends four months a year guiding trips throughout the world.



JeffJeff was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal in the 1970's. Like many former volunteers, he fell in love with the country, and has been returning to lead treks, visit friends, and take photographs ever since. He now lives in Colorado, having moved from his native Indiana, after becoming addicted to being around mountains. Jeff recently had a calendar published of black and white photos on the life of a porter. His favorite part of trek leading is to act as a conversation intermediary between trekkers and Nepali villagers.


Scott has been climbing, mountaineering and guiding for 15 years now where he mentored under the veteran climber Gary Fredrickson. He honed his skills as a mountaineer in the Cascade Mountains and climbed extensively on Mt. Rainer in Washington State. Scott has climbed and guided in the major mountain ranges throughout the United States and Canada. He now makes his home just outside of Breckenridge, Colorado where he guides in cooperation with Sherpa Ascent International and is owner of Southpark Adventure Guides.

ChhongbaPemba's brother who works with him in Nepal on treks, has been working as a mountaineer since 1983. He began as a trekking guide and over the years has become an experienced high altitude climber. Chhongba has extensive experience on peaks of 8000+ meters, and has summitted on numerous occasions. He is invaluable as a high altitude sirdar (guide), and is always very cooperative and personable. Chhongba has spent some time in the U.S.

PembaGyaljen began his mountaineering career in 1985 as a trekking guide. He has been on several 8000 meter peaks, including Everest twice. He has been to the US and has spent nine months in Colorado learning western culture and the English language. He is highly capable and experienced in all capacities and a pleasure to work with.


Nima has been guiding in Nepal since 1987. He speaks fluent English, has a wealth of knowledge about the flora, fauna and cultures of Nepal. Nima runs the "tightest ship" in the world of Himalayan trekking and having been in the U.S. several times, understands the needs of Westerners.


Grew up in Marangu village Tanzania, he started as porter to Kilimanjaro, then later become a guide. Nickson has been to Kilimanjaro more then 200 times, speaks fluent English and has beet to US several times.